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Premier Embedded Design Solutions

For the Digital World

With 50 years of experience, ProcSys today is a leading Embedded Product Design and Engineering Solutions Company based in India.


We offer complete solutions in Embedded Product Realization. We have a proven track record of working on cutting edge technology projects for large enterprises as well as start-ups located in various geographies. With an experienced engineering workforce, we have the capability to execute diverse and complex projects successfully.


Our approach to practice is one of going the extra mile and pushing the envelope – maximizing the value through the Art of the Possible.

Complete Embedded
Product Development

Transform your wish list into a market ready product - be it complete product development or subsystem development or product refresh for technology upgrade. Starting with requirements analysis and finalization to hardware, software and mechanical design and implementation, prototype fabrication, testing, certification and production handover – we will take care of all the stages independently and proficiently.


We can come in at any stage of the project or handle any part of product development (Board Design, FPGA, Software or Mechanical) and work as an extension of your engineering team. Working remotely and independently has been and is our core strength.


New Technology Adoption,
Fast Paced Development

Exploring new technologies or a brand new product idea? We will research emerging technologies, define product architecture and develop the road map, build Proof-of-Concept units and assist you all the way in realizing the product. Project specific Agile development methodology will be adopted, as needed, to accelerate time to market.

Comprehensive Product 
Engineering Services


At a time when electronic hardware design was unheard of in India, three visionaries believed that state-of-the-art Electronic Product Design was possible here. In 1973, they founded ProcSys [Processor Systems (India) Private Limited].

With product design and development being the mainstay of ProcSys,  there are endless possibilities for harnessing one’s technical potential and for learning and growing professionally. If you believe you have what it takes to contribute and succeed in a challenging environment, get in touch with us.

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