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From Concept to Complete Product

Having very experienced and expert teams in Board Design, FPGA Design, Embedded Software Development, Application Software Development and Mechanical Design, ProcSys is uniquely placed to offer services in total solutions development – from requirements capture to architecture, design, prototyping, design validation, compliance certification, transfer to production and support during deployment. Well established and proven design methodologies and review processes at every stage of project life cycle help our product design teams deliver quality and cost effective solutions in the shortest time frame.

This expertise coupled with our collaboration with manufacturing houses for prototyping and volume production and accredited laboratories for agency and compliance certification help us offer end to end design services under one roof, that is of immense benefit to our customers.

The design service is backed with excellent support during deployment and product sustenance through enhancements and feature additions.

Wide Ranging Product Development Expertise

Over the decades ProcSys has developed a large number of products and product solutions (family of products) for large and small (start up) enterprises across the globe. The solutions developed range from complex, high performance chassis based products for high availability, carrier / military grade applications to very low cost, small form factor, large volume customer premises units. The solutions developed span across a range of technology domains.

Industry 4.
IOT, Cloud


ProcSys has been developing industrial automation products for over 15 years for global MNCs as well as Indian enterprises. With Industry 4.0 revolution sweeping the industrial landscape, ProcSys is at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art IoT, Data Processing, Cloud Computing and AI / ML based solutions for our valued customers.

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Internet of Things (IoT) has become ubiquitous in all aspects of life – home, industry, healthcare and so on. The loT ecosystem requires development of very low cost, low power IoT Nodes, Edge Gateways and Cloud Computing Applications. ProcSys has been very active in developing IoT based solutions and consumer products for global and Indian customers.

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Use of AI and ML is rapidly percolating all industries as well as our day-to-day personal experiences. While Cloud Computing solutions are normally used, ProcSys has been closely collaborating with its customers in realizing edge-based embedded AI and ML solutions. With our vast experience in embedded engineering, we have been able to make significant contributions in this endeavour.

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ProcSys has three decades long legacy of developing advanced technology products for wide area, enterprise and customer premises networks for global communications majors. We have developed several complete products and families of products involving hardware, embedded software, mechanical and network management software development for various networking media – Ethernet, SONET, Broadband (DSL), Cable, Wireless, etc.

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ProcSys has developed a number of products in the affordable healthcare and low-cost medical equipment segments for over 10 years. Challenges such as high reliability, stringent compliance requirements, extremely low power operation, demanding packaging have been successfully handled by ProcSys teams. We are experienced in following product development processes and documentation required for obtaining FDA approval. A product developed by us won the Technology Innovation Award in Europe.

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We have decades of experience in developing rugged products for extremely hostile defence environments. As part of the development process, we ensure adequate margins / derating in the design to accommodate extreme conditions, parts longevity and high MTBF. We closely support our customers all the way through the arduous design validation testing and certification processes.

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