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Careers at ProcSys

Contribute, Learn and Grow

Every professional seeks an environment that fosters the growth of the individual - professional challenges that catalyse and support systems that harmonize. ProcSys is built on this core philosophy. We believe that every professional challenge is an opportunity to practice the Art of the Possible and to be able to create value for the customer and ourselves.

We expect everyone coming aboard ProcSys to actively subscribe to this ethos and practice it. Our rigorous selection process is designed to recognize the overall talent and the personal skills of the prospective candidates.

Work Culture

At ProcSys, people matter, that is, ProcSysians are the greatest of all our assets. As a part of the ProcSys family, you can chart out a challenging and fulfilling future with the nurturing support of the company. 


We understand that enjoying what you do and doing what you enjoy are both pivotal to personal enrichment. The ambience at ProcSys is informal, inclusive and positive. We believe in personal freedom bracketed by professional responsibility. The new ProcSysians will face a balance of professional challenges and active support from the line managers and fellow team members. Everyone operates in an atmosphere of honesty and openness. ProcSys strives to nurture talent, value personal integrity, encourage team-work, meet professional aspirations and reward success.

Current Openings

ESW001: Embedded Software – Design Engineer (Bare Metal | RTOS)

ESW002: Embedded Software – Senior Design Engineer (Bare Metal | RTOS)

FPD001: FPGA – Design Engineer

FPD002: FPGA – Senior Design Engineer

HWD001: Board – Design Engineer

HWD002: Board – Senior Design Engineer

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